14 Plants Native Americans Used to Cure Everything (From Bleeding Gums to Asthma)


The Cherokee is a Native American tribe that believed the creator had given them a gift of understanding and taught them how to preserve herbs for medicinal purposes. These Native Americans are indigenous to the Southeastern United States and some are still around today.

These amazing and wise people have promoted proper gathering techniques since the beginning of it all. They only pick every third plant they find, which allows them to continue to grow and become more plentiful. We could and should take the time to learn from these amazing people. The plants you will find in the list below were used by this tribe for tons of different things.

That being said, some of these plants should be used with caution. You must remember to use them all properly as they can be dangerous if used in the wrong ways. The Cherokee healers were far more experienced than we could ever even hope to be.

14 Plants Native Americans Used to Cure Everything:

1. Wild Black Cherry

Women were given a tea made from this during their early stages of labor. This was said to work for easing the pain. You see, without this, childbirth would have been much harder and more painful.

2. Yarrow (Squirrel Tail)

This herb has properties that help blood to clot. You can use the leaves when cut fresh to stop bleeding. This is easily one of the most important of the plants listed here.

3. Partridgeberry

Native Americans would boil the leaves of this to make a tea. Later, pregnant women would drink this, weeks before the birthing process to speed things up.

4. Mullein

This herb soothes asthma. All you have to do is breathe the smoke from the burning roots of this plant and it will work to calm your lungs. This also works to open your nasal passages.

5. Wild Rose (Jisdu Unigisdi)

This is a very high in vitamin C plant that can literally treat the flu. It works wonders on the common cold and is drank as a tea. In order to make the tea, you have to use the fruit from this plant.

6. Yellow Dock (Kawi Lyusdi)

This plant is very similar to spinach and is kept in many Native American homes. The leaves of this can be used for diaper rash for babies and are high in iron.

7. Wild Ginger (Big Stretch)

Wild ginger was used in tea form to get rid of stomach issues and colic. Ginger is something we know as beneficial even now. It has far too many benefits to list.

8. Greenbriar (Pull Out A Sticker)

This plant has an odd flavor and is high in several different minerals. You can prepare the root of this plant in the way that you would potatoes and eat it. That being said, it is high in starches.

9. Buck Brush (Hummingbird Blossom)

This one was used for treating things like cysts, HBP, and even throat issues. You must steep the leaves and flowers of this plant in boiling water for the best effects. If your tonsils are inflamed, this is the one you need to give a go.

10. Mint

Mint, as you may already be aware, is quite popular, even now. It contains tons of beneficial properties and is overflowing with vitamins and minerals. You can use it for anything from digestive issues to irritated skin.

11. Blackberry

Blackberries help get rid of stomach aches. They can also heal bleeding gums and are rich in lots of vitamins. All you have to do is chew the leaves.

12. Sumac (Qua Lo Ga)

This herb can be used in its entirety for medicinal purposes. The bark itself can be made into a treatment for diarrhea and you can even crush the leaves up to reduce the effects of poison ivy.

13. Cattail

You can mash or boil these, that is up to you. They are easy to digest and can get rid of skin irritation with ease.

14. Geranium Root

The Cherokee actually boiled this root together with wild grape so that the liquid could be used for healing. They rinsed the mouths of children with thrush using this liquid. This cure seemed to serve them well.