Kang Ji-hwan, Kim Ok-bin may become OCN’s next investigator duo


    A new drama is in the works at OCN, and casting has already begun. Kang Ji-hwan (Monster) and Kim Ok-bin (The Villainess) have received offers to lead OCN’s latest project, a supernatural cop procedural called Children of a Small God. When Kang Ji-hwan, the expert in forensic evidence-based investigations, meets Kim Ok-bin, the spirit-sensing rookie, sparks fly.

    If he confirms, Kang Ji-hwan will be playing an elite investigator who was formerly stationed at the Seoul metropolitan precinct. With his genius deductive abilities, he’s able to pick up on any criminal’s lies, almost as if he has telepathic powers. He receives a promotion when he solves three out of the top ten unsolved crimes, and then the book he published that records his crime fighting experiences takes off and becomes a bestseller. But despite this influx of wealth and prestige, he decides to quit his lifestyle for an unknown reason.

    Kim Ok-bin, who featured in her last drama Yoo-na’s Street as a jaded pickpocket, may be returning to dramaland on the opposite side of the law. She’s up to play a warm-hearted police corporal at the regional investigations unit of the Seoul provincial office. She grew up being called “the child possessed by ghosts.” But aside from her frightening supernatural senses, she’s the innocent maknae investigator on the police force who wears her heart on her sleeve. She loves children, and has an approachable air to her that lets victims feel at ease to tell her their stories.

    Children of a Small God will follow their partnership as they work together to unravel the corruption behind a tragedy that happens within a large organization. This will be the debut fictional drama by writer Han Woo-ri, who is currently riding a wave of fame for her popular investigative documentary, SBS’s We Want to Know. PD Kang Shin-ho (Heirs, Midas, Tazza) will direct.

    Fantasy suspense drama Children of a Small God is tentatively scheduled to air in the first half of 2018.