Meteorologist challenged Irma and almost flies


Juston Drake, an American meteorologist and storm chaser challenged Hurricane Irma’s winds in the Florida Keys, as they reached speeds of up to 215 kilometers per hour.

The center of the hurricane eye touched down in the Florida Keys today. Drake, one of the protagonists of the reality show “Storm Riders” for The Weather Channel, said in his Twitter that “I had to go out and test the winds from the wall of the eye of the hurricane.”

The video was recorded by his friend Simon Brewer, also a meteorologist, who posted it on the social network. You can see how Drake almost flew out.

Drake assured the NBC news show, Today Show, that “it’s by far” the strongest wind he’s ever experienced. The measuring device showed 190 kilometers per hour.

Brewer previously posted a video of how a vehicle was pushed by the hurricane’s winds, but it was finally stable. Users even joked: “Good advertising for Honda,” one posted.