Signal and Forest of Secrets in consideration for second seasons


It’s interesting to see how common news of second seasons are becoming, and I feel like cable stations are really spearheading the seasonal formats for Korean dramas. Out of all the reports regarding an additional season, though, tvN’s Signal and Forest of Secrets are the two that I’m most looking forward to seeing whether anything comes of it. There’s nothing confirmed other than the fact that production company Studio Dragon is considering the idea, but it’s almost inevitable that the news would create buzz at such an early stage.

Signal, which currently holds the third-highest ratings spot in cable television, was a critical and commercial success, featuring Jo Jin-woong (Entourage), Kim Hye-soo (A Special Lady), Lee Je-hoon (Tomorrow With You), and a magical walkie-talkie. The crime-thriller drama portrayed detectives who communicated across two decades to solve various crimes, and essentially change the course of history in the process. I have to admit, I’m already getting beyond excited at the prospect that tvN will finally continue the story where it left off on a cliffhanger in the first series. I need answers! And closure!

Fellow tvN crime drama Forest of Secrets was also critically acclaimed. The legal thriller, which involved an emotionless prosecutor and a warm-hearted detective who go about uncovering a far-reaching conspiracy in the prosecutor’s office, pulled in respectable ratings numbers in the high single digits for tvN, and was heaped with praise for its cinematic style and caliber. It also marked the return of Bae Doo-na (Tunnel) and Jo Seung-woo (God’s Gift–14 Days) to dramaland, which was cause for excitement in and of itself, and they didn’t disappoint. Also, I was so happy to see the show on Netflix a few days ago, and it’s now sitting in my to watch list for the winter holidays.

I’m trying to be optimistic that this news will materialize into official productions, although it’s far from a done deal. There are a lot of stars that have to align, from the directors and writers to the actors that made these shows great. I’ll just have to start praying to the drama gods early, I guess. Anyone with me?

There’s no word on when Signal 2 would air, but a rep from Studio Dragon mentioned a tentative air date as early as late 2018 for a second season of Forest of Secrets. Let’s hope we hear something more concrete soon!